Higgins Beach

Higgins Beach

Marguerite June Rogers

Born June 25, 1938-Passed Dec. 4, 2016

Life was good for my kind, beautiful mom Maggie in 2006. She celebrated her 25th Wedding Anniversary to the wonderful man she chose to grow old with, my step-dad, Raymond. They lived in Cumberland, Maine. Time was spent well with family, friends, the fairgrounds, horses, bluebirds, gardening, crafts, researching on the computer, traveling in their motor home, cooking…she had peace. They were snowbirds in the winter, escaping to Lakeland, Florida to enjoy family visits, friends, crafts, golfing, swimming, cooking…again she had peace. She earned every bit of the good life after conquering personal trials, a heart attack, cancer and un-diagnosed seizures.

Windham, Maine was my childhood home. After moving to Corona, California in 1975, my time spent with her were fun family summer vacations. Mom and Ray would come to CA or we would travel to ME. They watched my life with my boys through photo books in between visits. While away my heart ached for home and being with my mom again. She was always so happy when I came home and loved to show off her latest accomplishments. (She always said her children were her greatest accomplishment:)

I’m the second child of four. My older sister Pam, younger sister Sue and baby boy of the family Dana, decided to surprise mom on her 70th birthday in 2008 and celebrate her on Campobello Island, Canada. Sue lived there at the time and it was a perfect spot to meet (Pam lived in AZ and Dana lived in CA). Mom loved the island’s peacefulness and serenity and she deserved every bit of it. She was a very giving person. Her career in social work was dedicated to helping struggling women start a new life in Maine….but nothing brought her more joy then to see her children together. It’s hard to explain how good it felt deep inside to see her smile and laugh…all I ever wanted was for her to be happy.

Five years later, in 2013 we all reunited again for mom’s 75th birthday at Higgins Beach, Scarborough, ME. Our hearts hold a special place for this beach. We spent a lot of time there as children with her and also with our beloved grandmother, Altie. ┬áMom collected sea glass and made it her mission when at the ocean to bring pieces home to turn into craft projects..projects made with love and cherished by all lucky recipients. It was around mom’s 75th birthday that something just didn’t feel right. She started to experience ‘foot drop’ and with it came change of a lifetime…

My blog is painting a picture through time….memories of my mom and her peaceful, happy life.. justly earned….but you can probably feel something coming…..I invite you to take this journey with me…


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